We leverage our 30+ years of experience creating high performance sales cultures to close more sales, faster by:

  • creating, deploying and executing a sales plan that will position your company to generate significant, predictable and sustainable growth year-after-year.
  • designing and documenting  a sales process for your company that will have your sales running like clockwork.
  • devising and deploying sales enablement and performance management systems, including a CRM, to support your company’s sales growth objectives.
  • constructing a sales message (value proposition) that will enable your company to close more sales, while minimizing price competition.
  • developing and deploying hiring and retention systems that will enable your company to attract and retain “high-quality” sales professionals and managers.

Whether you hire us as your part-time, interim sales manager to design, deploy and execute your new sales infrastructure OR hire us to design and deploy this critical infrastructure so that you or your current sales manager can ensure ongoing execution … MainSpring Sales is here for you.