Do I need a CRM system?

A customer relationship management (CRM) system can improve a company’s relationship with existing customers, as well as facilitate its quest to secure new prospective customers, and win back former customers. One of the prime benefits of using a CRM system, customized to support your business needs, is enhancing customer satisfaction. By using this tool, all […]

How to Win as the New Player

How do you win a battle against bigger, better known competitors? That was the challenge facing Jeff Robertson, a career public safety official and ex-police officer who was president and CEO of Tel Control, Inc. when he brought me on board as vice president of sales and marketing. Founded in 1969, Tel Control designs and […]

Charting the course: Forecasting

Another area that needs mathematical rigor is forecasting. Sloppy inputs will produce sloppy results. There is a sales axiom that not all prospects are created equal. To determine who best to focus resources on, begin with a targeting analysis of ideal customers. My recommendation is to start the exercise with the sales team by identifying […]